Impaired hearing - what do I do now?

A hearing impairment can affect anyone, at any time in life. The causes are many, and include wax build-up in the ears, fluid in the middle ear, noise damage, age, genetics, etc. For many, the typical hearing impairment will progress slowly over a longer period of time.

Many people do not realise that their hearing has gradually worsened over the years. Some may find that others appear to speak unclearly, experience increased irritability or a tendency to withdraw from large social gatherings, while others may notice that they are more tired than usual after a day at work, or that friends and family members complain of the television/radio being turned up too loudly.

It is important that you yourself are aware of any potential hearing loss, and it is also important that you have your hearing checked if necessary. 

To see where to go to have your hearing checked, click here.