Bar SOSU, Bar FOKA og Bar UF (Bar SOSU, Bar FOKA and Bar UF)

The Indoor Climate Portal works towards increasing awareness of the importance of a good indoor climate in the workplace, and is directed towards employees, employers and safety representatives. Here you will find information on what causes a poor indoor climate, such as noise, lighting and ventilation. You'll also find plenty of helpful tips for improving indoor climate.

Castberggård Job og Udviklingscenter (Castberggård Job and Development Centre)

This site is for people with hearing impairments. Here you'll find information on the courses and activities that the Castberggård Job and Development Centre offers to people with hearing impairments, including courses on finding a job and keeping a job. A number of areas are covered in the courses, including personal plans of action, professional skill development and tools for tackling personal problems faced by individuals living with hearing impairments. offers hearing welfare consulting and counselling in the audiological area. Pamphlets on acoustics and hearing-related assistive technology can also be downloaded here. ( provides information on sound, hearing and hearing loss, and compiles relevant news on hearing-related issues at the workplace, in family life and social situations. At you'll also find factual information on hearing loss, assistive technology at the workplace, hearing loss among children and adolescents and more. You'll also find a reference list of literature on reduced hearing and tinnitus. is managed by Castberggård in co-operation with Hear-It AISBL.

I Job Nu (On the Job Now)

I Job Nu is a job and information portal for people with disabilities and companies. It consists of a CV and job database, a job mapping programme, interviews and a wealth of information on various subsidy schemes, grants, regulations, etc. The portal is managed by the Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark, Denmark's National Labour Market Authority, the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions and a number of larger Danish companies.

Høreforeningen (The Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing)

The Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing is an interest group that works to improve the lives of people with hearing impairments. The association provides information about ear-related illnesses, sound and hearing problems, assistive technology, etc. The association also supports all of its members by helping them deal with a loss of hearing through counselling and networking groups.

Videnscenter for hørehandicap (Information Centre for the Hearing Impaired)

Videnscenter for hørehandicap compiles, processes, develops and propagates information on hearing-related issues. The centre's objective is to strengthen the exchange of knowledge and experience across different sectors, professional groups and regions in order to guarantee the quality of local and regional options available to people with hearing impairments. This information is available for administrations, institutions, training centres, workplaces, deaf and hard of hearing personnel, user organisations as well as deaf, late deafened and hard of hearing individuals. The website is aimed primarily at professionals who work with individuals living with hearing impairments.

Specialfunktionen Job & Handicap (Special Function Job & Handicap)

Specialfunktionen Job & Handicap is a nationwide organisation aimed at helping individuals with disabilities keep their jobs and become fully integrated into the workplace. Specialfunktionen is geared towards Denmark's job centres and others involved in the employment assistance sector. Specialfunktionen offers consulting, information and development services to help individuals with disabilities become integrated in the job market.

Handicaporganisationer for alle (Organisations of Persons with Disabilities for Everyone)

Organisations of Persons with Disabilities for Everyone conveys information on Danish disabled organisations in order to inform ethnic minorities of the available options for receiving social and professional assistance. The website is available in Danish, English, Somali, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Farsi and Serbo-Croatian.

Vidensnetværket Handicap & Beskæftigelse (Disability and Employment Knowledge Network)

The purpose of Vidensnetværket is to ensure that those active in the area of employment possess the necessary information on how people with illnesses and disabilities can best enter the job market and find employment. Vidensnetværket is particularly useful for individuals working at job centres: case workers, job consultants, managers and others working in the employment sector, as well as individuals with illnesses or disabilities who are to remain or become integrated into the labour market.