Information for the workplace

Approximately 10% of the Danish working age population is hearing impaired, which means that it is quite likely that somebody at your place of work is living with a loss of hearing.

Living with a hearing impairment is still something of a 'taboo' subject, and employees living with a loss of hearing are sometimes afraid they might not be able to do their job.

A loss of hearing can frequently come between people and is a situation that must be faced and dealt with properly - not only by individuals with hearing impairments but also by those around them.

Employees with hearing impairments expend a good deal of energy trying to "hear correctly". That is why they may experience periods of fatigue - particularly if the working environment is stressful and the tempo is high.

Even the best hearing aid cannot fully compensate for a loss of hearing - but it does help! Further hearing-related assistive technology is available to help individuals with hearing impairments perform well at the workplace. Assistive technology devices are available at no charge - both for employers and employees alike. Read more here.

Communication is generally seen as very important in today's workplaces, and the overall tempo tends to be higher than in the past. Thus it is more important than ever to create a quality working environment. If colleagues are able to speak openly about problems related to hearing, it is easier to create a quality working environment for employees who may be living with a hearing impairment. Often, working conditions for hearing impaired employees can be improved just by implementing a few minor initiatives and rules.